Karmirvank Monastery, which we like to call a piece of Ani in Armenia, is in the Haykadzor village, Shirak province of the Republic of Armenia. Karmirvank Monastery of Haykadzor is on the left bank of Akhuryan, about a hundred meters away from the river, on the edge of the gorge, about 5-6 km from Ani and 1-2 km from Horomos Monastery.

The main St. Gregory the Illuminator Church of the Karmir (Red) Monastery (also known as Ghoshavank, which is one of the non-Armenian names of Horomos) was built at the end of the 10th century. St. Grigor Lusavorich Church is a domed church, built with red tuff (from where the popular name of the monastery comes).

Karmirvank Monastery is in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, but during the Soviet period it remained beyond the border barbed wire. As a result of all this, free access to the territory of the monastery is now prohibited, but it is possible to visit the monastery with the appropriate permission.

Hamshen Tour organizes visits to the Karmirvank Monastery with the possibility to enter.