Mar 30, 2022


Chakhalaberd, known to us as Bazaberd, is one of the most impressive and well-preserved examples of medieval Armenian fortress. Bazaberd is near the Armenian-Georgian border. The fortress is surrounded by a wall about 10-12 m high and about 2-3 m thick. After the death of Ashot the Third Bagratuni in 977, the fortress was inherited by Gurgen, the founder of the Kurik branch of the Bagratunis, and then it passed to the Zakarians. In the forests around the fortress you can find chapels and khachkars. There are also old villages around Chakhalaberd and Jiliza. Locals also call the medieval church in the village of Jiliza Saint Sargis or Saint Astvatsatsin.

Being near the border, Chakhalaberd can be reached only with special permission. Hamshen Tour organizes visits to Chakhalaberd.

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